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Exploring Critical Barriers that Women Face During Transition from Higher Education to Empowerment in Pakistan

Welcome to our initiative dedicated to shedding light on the critical barriers that women encounter as they transition from higher education to empowerment in Pakistan. Despite significant strides in education, women continue to face multifaceted challenges that hinder their journey towards empowerment and gender equality. Understanding these barriers is crucial to creating effective solutions and fostering a more inclusive society. Therefore, we are committed to documenting the lived experiences of women across Pakistan to identify key areas for intervention and advocacy.

By participating in our questionnaire, you contribute to a vital repository of data that amplifies the voices of women and informs evidence-based policies and programs. Your insights will enable us to develop targeted strategies that address the specific needs and challenges faced by women in their pursuit of empowerment.

Together, let's pave the way for a more equitable and empowering future for women in Pakistan. Your input matters, and we thank you for being part of this important endeavor.

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