Dr Muhammad Qasim Rana

Senior Lecturer & Project Investigator (UK side)

Dr Noreen Sehar

Associate Professor & Project Investigator (PK side)

Prof Angela Lee

Associate Dean of Research & Project Investigator

Ms Nimra Malik

Lead Researcher on the Project

Professor Lee has an extensive academic career spanning over 25 years. After successfully completing her PhD with no corrections in 2002, she now has a Chair in Process and Performance Management in Construction. She has previously held Associate Dean roles in Research; International; Enterprise; Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI); and Head of Department roles at the Universities of Salford and Huddersfield. She joined UCEM in April 2022 to support the growth and development of research, including research degrees. She has published over 300 journal and conference publications based on her research, including 6 books, and has managed numerous externally funded research projects to successful completion.

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Dr. Noreen Saher holds the position of associate professor within the Faculty of Social Sciences at the International Islamic University in Islamabad, Pakistan. With a distinguished academic career spanning over 24 years, including ten years of teaching abroad at renowned foreign universities, she brings a wealth of international experience to her role. Dr. Saher's active participation in various international research groups, such as the Cross-Cultural Collaboration on Contemporary Careers (C5) and initiatives focusing on leadership across cultures, highlights her dedication to fostering global academic exchange. Throughout her career, Dr. Saher has made significant contributions to academia, with a notable portfolio of 61 research articles published and presented in prestigious international peer-reviewed journals, books, and conferences. Additionally, she has had the opportunity to collaborate with both national and international institutions within the development sector, further enriching her professional experience and impact.

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Dr. Muhammad Rana is a full-time academic tutor and a leading researcher at UCEM. He has previously worked with the University of Wolverhampton, the University of Salford, and Highways England on various projects in the UK related to highway maintenance, simulation modeling, and lean construction. During the last four years, Dr. Muhammad Rana has won several research funding grants totaling up to £600k from the Innovate UK, Qatar National Research Fund, British Council, Harold Samuel, Salford University, Highways England, and CIB on various topics of Sustainability, Gender Equality, Off-site Construction, Energy Efficiency, Water Management, and Environmental Resilience. Dr Rana is currently leading 3 British Council funded Projects on Gender Equality in Brazil, Pakistan and Vietnam. He has previously delivered similar 3 projects in Jordan and Egypt sucessfully.

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Ms. Nimra is an anthropologist currently serving as a visiting lecturer at the Department of Anthropology at International Islamic University, Islamabad, and Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi. She has earned a bachelor's and M.Phil.’s degree in Anthropology, receiving Gold Medals and Distinctions for academic excellence in both programs. Nimra's research is focused on cultural anthropology, with a special interest in indigenous communities and their socio-cultural dynamics. She actively produces international papers and contributes to the field's scholarly discourse. Her commitment to teaching and research reflects her dedication to advancing anthropological knowledge and promoting cross-cultural understanding.