Some Pictures from our Safe4All Workshop on 16th April 2024

Our Recent Publications

Explore our latest publications, results, and relevant articles in the area of Gender Equality:

1. Rana, Muhammad Qasim, Shadia Fahim, Mohammed Saad, Angela Lee, Olugbenga Timo Oladinrin, and Lekan Damilola Ojo. (2024). "Exploring the Underlying Barriers for the Successful Transition for Women from Higher Education to Employment in Egypt: A Focus Group Study" Social Sciences 13, no. 4: 195.

2. Alshdiefat, Ala’a Saleh, Ahlam Ammar Sharif, Noor-Alhuda Mohammad Abu Ghunmi, Angela Lee, and Muhammad Qasim Rana. (2024). "Factors Impacting Women Gaining Leadership Roles in the Jordanian Construction Sector: Architects and Civil Engineers" Buildings 14, no. 4: 944.

3. Sharif, Ahlam Ammar, Alaa Saleh Alshdiefat, Angela Lee, Muhammad Qasim Rana, and Noor-Alhuda Mohammad Abu Ghunmi. (2024). "Gender Equality in Architecture and Construction: An Assessment Framework at the Institutional and Sectoral Levels in Jordan" Buildings 14, no. 3: 764.

4. Sharif, Ahlam A., Angela Lee, Alaa S. Alshdiefat, Muhammad Q. Rana, and Noor-Alhuda Abu Ghunmi. (2024). "Sustainable Gender Equality: A Comparative Perspective on STEM Education and Employment in Jordan" Sustainability 16, no. 6: 2273.

5. Rana, Muhammad Qasim, Fahid, S, Saad, M and Lee, Angela (2024) Gender and Career; Exploring Transitions for Women from Higher Education to Employment in Egypt. International Journal of Science, Engineering and Management (IJSEM), 11 (3). pp. 9-13. ISSN 2456-1304